It’s been 2 weeks since our holiday at beautiful Turon Gates Country Retreat in the stunning Turon Valley. Turon Gates is 3 and a half thousand privately owned acres of rolling hills, flowing crystal clear river and an abundance of aussie wildlife. We saw wombats, wallabies, kangaroos, birds and the horses, who can forget horses when you have 2 girls obsessed with them!!
Many would think a week away with no Tv, no internet and no phone a nightmare! But with running my own business requiring me to be on the computer editing, emailing and phone calls I knew Turon Gates and me would be a match made in heaven!!
I’ve had to endure a week of crying and sobbing from 6 yr old Kahlan because she wants to go back to our log cabin! Who can blame her, Turon is breathtaking!!
I have so many photo’s I want to share of this gorgeous place I really don’t know where to start, so be prepared for image overload!
I will start by saying how welcoming the owner Sonya is! She stopped by to make sure we had everything we needed and some tips on not over using the lights (solar!!) and after talking a few times on the phone it’s always good to put a face to a name.
As a kid I grew up camping every year and playing in outback rivers, coming here reminded me of the fun I had as a child and I was very happy to introduce that fun to my children. Throwing rocks in the river, building ‘dam’ walls out of the rocks and setting up a Teepee for an Indian photoshoot, yes, photography is my job, but it’s also one of my passions and one of the reasons I get so much joy in this world. I love the chance to shoot for myself and let the creative juices flow without a thought of getting ‘the shot’.
So after a week of cooking on the campfire, roasting marshmellows, playing in the river and just relaxing and enjoying the quiet (yes, even with kids around it was so quiet!) we had to come back to our lives and the busyness we are used to. I do feel so much more relaxed and not much bothers me or stresses me as it did before visiting Turon Gates and I can say with absolute confidence to Sonya, you will see us next year!!
Now I’ll let the photo’s do the talking! And stay tuned for my 3 little indians!!