Meet 21 days new Dakota. This beautiful family are from beautiful Lake Tahoe in the USA. We had an absolute blast at this session and it took me back to when hubby and I spent 10 months living in Indiana, living it up US style! Love the memories:) Anyway, on to the amazing images captured at little Dakota’s newborn session.
She was a grunter, everytime I moved her she would grunt, so funny! Dakota’s dad Billy was in the Military, you can see her below sporting his jacket! I’m finding 3-4 week old newborns are sleeping better than the under 10 day olds I’ve had lately, makes my job easier. Dakota’s big brother Angus is such a sweetie pie and loves his new sister to bits.
Thanks Michelle, Billy and little bro Angus for letting me cuddle your gorgeous girl, I had a great time and will catch up soon for a coffee xx