Meet Jordan | Central Coast nsw Babies Photographer | Captured by Karmel

I’ve been a bad blogger lately! I’ve had so much to keep me busy and with another gorgeous baby coming to my home studio tommorrow this will be brief!

Meet gorgeous Jordan, and I have to say he was feisty! Usually the girls are the ones who take a bit to settle but Jordan sure did his best to stay awake! I’m rarely beaten by a newborn but…..this day I was!! We did manage a brief sleep where we got some beautiful photos. Congratulations to you all, he is just gorgeous!

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  • MichelleJune 23, 2010 - 8:38 am

    Awww what amazing chubby cheeks he has!!! And his poor li’l head, the bump is almost gone now :0) He is a very sweet little boy, love him to bits. Great photos!!!!!!!!!

  • WendyJune 27, 2010 - 7:16 pm

    Love the one in the wooden tub! he is gorgeous! cannot wait to meet him xo

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