Newborn photo sessions are my favourite type of session. From capturing all your new baby’s features to posing them in your arms, I love creating these memories for my clients.

You may be wondering how things run in a newborn photo session and exactly what happens, so I’ve put together some information for you.

Parents are often sleep deprived so having a plan and structure to the pose flow is the best way to make your session time effective.

newborn baby photoshoot


One factor to consider in your newborn photo session is the addition of an older sibling. Older siblings (aged 3 and under) have a short attention span so I like to photograph the family and sibling images first. This is because older siblings will loose interest quickly and I want them at their best to get the best images for you. After the family images are taken, I recommend the older sibling leaves the studio with a family member so we can then focus on the newborn images.

Photo sessions with an older sibling usually go like this:

1. Family photo

2. Sibling photo

3. Parent photos (dad usually takes the older sibling home or to the park after this point)

new born photoshoot


Newborn photo sessions without a sibling are very similar to the structure of sibling sessions.

For myself and the new parents this is often the first time we meet in person. We chat about colours that suit baby and which props are on their wish list.

I have a pose flow that I follow for most sessions, this is always baby led and feeding breaks take place as needed.

The flow of posing usually goes like this:

1. Parents and baby poses

2. Individual parents and baby poses

3. Wrapped poses on a Flokati rug and in a prop

4. Then we move on to beanbag poses and then one last prop

Not every session follow this flow posing, it just depends on your baby and how their feeling. I’m often called The Baby Whisperer for my talent in making babies sleepy and settled!

Follow here for tips on photographing a sibling and newborn!

baby photography sydney

Newborn baby photo sessions are best done when your baby is 7-12 days new to achieve those sleepy curled up poses. To book your free consultation please email me here, I’d love to hear from you xx