“Anyone may have diamonds: an heirloom is an

ornament of quite a different kind”

Elizabeth Aston

When visiting my parents, I find myself flicking through all the old photo albums my mum created. Looking at these old photographs triggers some of my favourite memories, like sleepovers at my grandparents on the Central Coast. Memories like brushing my Nanna’s hair, climbing the big old liquid amber in the yard, my Nan’s sausage dog Sherrie chasing us and driving in the car with my Pop. This is why photos are family heirlooms.

I also have tonnes of cousins on my Mum’s side of the family. Every Boxing Day we would take the drive to my grandparents at Blacktown. This was way before the M1 even existed and we all know how windy and gridlocked the Pacific Hwy was going south!  We would play hide n seek outside for hours and the crazy pet cockatoo would screech at us if we got too close, hahaha.  Inside we would sing while my Aunt or cousin would play the piano. We would read old books and look at all the vintage trinkets my Nan and Pop had around their house. Photos are important to preserving these memories and acting as family heirloomsto share well into the future.

The importance of photographs

Family photos are heirlooms because they hold great sentimental and historical value. Photographs are important to me because are reminders of my heritage, special occasions and my loved ones that are no longer with me. They are physical representations of memories that we can hold onto and pass down to future generations, allowing us to share our family history and stories with our loved ones.

Reasons why photographs are Heirlooms


Photographs capture specific moments in time and bring back memories of people, places, and events. They allow us to remember loved ones who may no longer be with us, and to relive special moments that we cherish.


Photographs can connect us to our family history and heritage. By looking at old family photos, we can learn about our ancestors, their lives, and the times in which they lived. This can give us a deeper sense of connection to our family roots.


Photographs can be used to tell stories about our family history. We can pass down stories from one generation to the next, along with the photos that go with them. This helps keep our family history alive and meaningful.


Photographs can be personalized and tailored to the interests and preferences of individual family members. For example, one family member may be interested in genealogy and want to see old family photographs, while another may be more interested in recent family events.

Emotional value

Photographs are often cherished for their emotional value. They represent significant moments in our lives, and remind us of the people we love and the experiences we’ve had. This emotional value can make photographs some of the most cherished and valued heirlooms that we have.

Last words

Photographs are a powerful way to preserve and pass down family memories, stories, and connections. They are tangible reminders of our family history, and can be some of the most cherished and valuable heirlooms that we pass down to future generations.

As a Central Coast photographer, I would love to help continue your family’s heritage through photographs so you too can flick through old photo albums with your loved ones and remember times that have past.

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